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The Most Popular Five Kinds Doors and Windows in Chinese Consumers

Solid wood doors, GPS Antenna and windows: fine workmanship and expensive

In recent years, with the green environment-friendly building materials becoming increasingly popular and the consumption concept changing, the solid wood doors and solar water heater that ever was abandoned by the hex bolt market is making a comeback, and it is much loved by solar panel businessman. Most of the solid wood doors and windows' workmanship are fine, noble and elegant, or European-style engraving, or Yamato-style combination, or rhyme still exist, or simple and clean, they are presenting a different living mood. With soft texture, good soundproof effect, natural color, simple kitchen utensil texture and other characteristics, the solid wood doors and windows can give people affinity and clemency, although they are expensive, but they are still popular in many families, especially the indoor bedroom door and bathroom door. A lot of families choose solid houseware and windows together with solid wood flooring, which can give people the feeling of going back to nature, in addition, the hollow splint wood windows and doors also occupy a certain market.

Aluminum doors and windows: look bright, reliable and durable

The classification of windows and doors market is very simple, which are no more than wood, steel, aluminum, plastic, iron and glass, the aluminum doors and windows ever had a great vogue with its bright appearance and durable features. But with the market demand occupancy rate continuing to saturation, the competition between aluminum processing box industry has become even more apparent. Some producers in order to reduce processing costs and achieve greater market share, they plot against materials and indiscriminately use low quality materials to process, which result the good and the bad are intermingled in the aluminum doors and windows market, customers can't distinguish the authenticity.

Plastic steel doors and windows: solid and stable, also can preserve heat

The plastic steel doors and windows have been in the market for a long time, but its prevalence is not fast. It is mainly because the market is chaotic, with the same profile, the product prices are quite discrepant due to different accessories and processing technology, the double-glazed plastic steel window produced by a small plant is only sold 200 Yuan including houseware measuring and free installation. But in the normal market, the average double-glazed casement window is 400 Yuan per square meter; the majority of hollow glass casement window is more than 1,000 Yuan per square meter. The defect of some plastic steel doors and windows with poor quality is clear: stop bead, seals and other auxiliary materials don't match the main houseware profile, the houseware appearance is rough and the plugging performance is poor; the hardware fitting can't reach the standard, for example, the 700 mm window should install the steel brace with the thickness of 1.2 mm, but the poor-quality plastic steel doors and windows can't reach the standard, even without the steel brace, so its life is shortened greatly.

FRP doors and windows: light weight, high strength, and aging resistance

FRP doors and windows is another new style doors and windows after the plastic steel era, because of late appearance, it naturally combines the advantages of other types of doors and windows, it has aluminum doors and windows' consistence, also has plastic steel doors and windows' anti-corrosion, insulation, home decor efficiency performance, furthermore, it has its own unique property that it will not expand in sunlight and will not shrink in cold weather.

Plastic doors and windows: new colors, strong decoration

It is not excessive to use the word "rise" to describe the performance of plastic doors and baby products in Guangzhou, with new colors, mild surface and strong decoration, this kind of material is greatly welcomed by users. However, at the beginning of plastic doors and home decors entering the market, it was not totally out of the production mode of small workshop in processing, for example, in a medium-sized city, there are only two enterprises' processing capacity over 20,000 square meters, the rest are small processing point. We should note that the process and making of plastic doors and windows is different with aluminum, the technical requirements also are much higher, which require specialized processing home decor parts machinery and strict standard to follow. At present, although some small-scale processing points have specialized production machinery and processing tools, but it will inevitably lead to shoddy situation because of lacking deep understanding on production technology and production standards. It is common that the use of steel-lined material is unqualified, such as the mixed use of stop bead, poor heat sealability and air tightness.

The five kinds windows and glassware listed above have their own characteristics, but it can grasp consumer's psychology deeply, because it has greatly satisfied consumers demand. I believe that a more stylish, energy-saving and practical windows and doors will appear in future, which can move consumers hearts, then they will install them in their own houses.

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Chinese Cabinet Industry Approaching Reshuffle, Oligarch Brand Will Be Created in Next Ten Years

With rapid development, China cabinet industry once had owned many reputations such as the world's big producer, the country with the largest export volume and so on, it also has enjoyed enormous material harvest, which is proud of the entire industry. However, the private economy is the main part in China cabinet industry, its foundation of late start, weak capital strength and low kitchen utensil industrial level are out of keeping with development speed increasingly, and some problems have happened:

The average diploma of Chinese solar water heater industry's bosses is not above high school, but they have created an annual output of 600-700 billion Yuan. The cabinet industry's position in the national economy is more and more important year by year, but it known as the industry of artisan upstart just because the cultural quality of the garment steam employees in the whole industry is relatively low. It is full of temptation, as well as "micro" profit. The low margin age of cabinet industry has come. After the financial crisis, once the solar panel industry calms down, the total demand of cabinet will enter the stage with slow growth. The increase of raw material price, labor costs, channel costs and export costs are all testing the GPS Antenna industry's profit space. The barriers to enter the industry are not high, but to sit stably in the rich ship is not easy.

As long as you have some extra money, it seems not difficult to develop from an artisan to a factory, but when some other aspects become problems except money, to sit stably in the rich ship will be an extravagant hope. How can your products be different with others? How to create a cookware brand? How to innovate channels? How can management be scientific and effective? The listed cabinet companies are very little, and venture capital is more less. Does this industry not need capital? It is clearly not. The marketing channels are single and they lead manufacturers by the nose, the cookware channel innovation is the weakest one in all industries. Cabinet bosses can buy Benz or BMW, but they don't have money to buy glasses - myopia, they lack social responsibilities and ideals; short sight, lacking strategic foresight. Cabinet is closely related to residents’ lives, but very few brands can be known by people; so the brand awareness and transmission level of this kitchenware industry is surprisingly low, which doesn’t match its position in the national economy.

How many cabinet brands will disappear in next 5-10 years?

High growth rate coexisting with low-level operations, inherent fragile capital, coupled with the international kitchenware market situation changing, domestic consumers' brand awareness is gradually awakening, as well as the requirement on environmental protection and low carbon and the integration on industries, will make the cabinet industry experience a large-scale brand reshuffle in next 5-10 years, therefore, the kitchenware enterprises that the core competitiveness is not obvious, the brand advantage is short and the management is confusion will be eliminated, and a large number of cabinet brands will withdraw from people's attention. The kitchenware industry had appeared and experienced the further centralization and death of brand in former decade, the coming of the cabinet industry's brand era will also perform this procedure.

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Three Major Factors Influencing The Price Trend of China Sanitary Appliance in 2010

When purchasing a commodity people will not only pay attention to beauty, but its health, durability and hygiene are more important. If the variety of effects can be achieved, the cost accounting should be made on the product. The following are the three factors influencing the price of solar panel in 2010.

For the function, consumers not only require health and cleaning function, but also call for that it should contain a combination of health protection, enjoyment, technology and entertainment functions. From the consumer's spending trend, the sanitary industry will present the development houseware trend of species diversity in the future market. The survey found that the kitchen utensil design style is increasingly focusing on the combination of usability and aesthetics from only emphasizing use value, from appearance to the selling home decor parts point of functions and from multi-functional to practical, but the prices of the glassware in the market are quite different, the price difference is mainly due to the following factors:

1. Material
Ouyang Zhongsheng, the general manager of Annwa Sanitary Ware, thinks that the quality and cost of solar water heater products are the main reasons that determine the price, such as flush toilet, its quality can be seen from internal quality and external quality side. The internal quality mainly refers to whether the ceramic formula is reasonable and whether the firing techniques is well, as well as the water absorption of finished products is high or low and other problems; the external quality can been seen with eyes, such as the appearance design, product performance, surface finish and so on. A good quality houseware ceramic toilet not only should have a good core, but also good houseware appearance. Only sophisticated technology can fire low-water-absorption ceramic products with moisturizing appearance, good frost resistance, smooth surface, and easy to wash; the appearance the carefully designed can bring aesthetic feeling for people; good performance can save water and the closetool also can be very clean.

2. Technical content of function
A good sanitary ware product must have relatively complete and various functions, which can meet the modern houseware life style and higher levels of demand. First of all, working hard in comfort, such as possessing technology, comfort, convenience, entertainment and other functions, it can make people feel the technology care for their modern life, as well as the singing toilet bowl, self-flip and landing, repeated warm water washing, drying, deodorizing, disinfecting, night lights, music and LCD temperature display. Second, the appearance design should meet people's daily home decor living habits and ergonomics, the products also should have green and low-pollution baby products functions such as environmental protection, water saving, 4.5 liters of water toilets, low lead water-saving faucet... and obtain China's environmental labeling certification.

3. Appearance design
From only paying attention to use value to focusing on the appearance home decors design style, it is more in line with modern people's aesthetic concept, sanitary products that have a variety of styles can better reflect modern people's life delight.

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The Profit of China Kitchen Appliances Reach Up to 30%, The Price War Can Hardly Be Avoided

The average profit of China kitchen appliances industry reaches up to 30%, which is far more than 5%-10% of traditional household appliances, so the price war can hardly be avoided.

Recently, a number of domestic household appliances giants such as Changhong, Haier, Midea, etc. are moving into the inconspicuous kitchen appliances field one after another, they have found new main battlefield except the mobile phone, digital, color TV, kitchen utensil, refrigerator and washing machine market, in which the competition is always fierce. The main reason of the cookware appliances market suddenly becoming the phoenix is its high profit margins. So why dose the kitchen appliances industry own high profit margins in current environment that the profit of Chinese household appliances market is generally little? And how long can its windfall profit maintain?

Compared with developed countries, the popularizing rate of Chinese kitchen appliances market is lower, and it still in its early growth stage. Currently the popularizing rate of dishwasher in American, German, French and British family has reached 60% -70%, while in large and middle-sized cities in Chinese mainland, it is less than 1%; the popularizing rate of microwave ovens in Chinese large and middle-sized cities is about 10%, but in developed countries it has been more than 80%; in Chinese 100 million urban families, the ownership rate of the integrated kitchen cabinet is only 6.8%, while in European and American countries, it is 35%.

Chinese kitchen appliances market has great potential. In recent years, Chinese kitchen appliances sales is increasing with the speed of 35% every year, in which the annual growth rate of induction cooker is up to 20% -70%, while in mobile phone, digital, color TV and other cookware industry market it is only 10%. In the next 10 years, 33% of Chinese households will move into new houses, and 260 million units kitchen appliances are needed every year. Chinese kitchen appliances market will have the development space that exceeds 500 billion Yuan in the next 5 years.

The average profit of China kitchen appliances industry reaches up to 30%, which is far more than 5%-10% of traditional household uv lamp appliances. Many European-style lampblack pressers profit is as high as 300%, and it is really profiteering. It is reported that the average profit margin of domestic flat-panel TV is only 2%, and many domestic mobile phone outdoor furniture businesses even get loss. As for high profits, large household appliances manufacturers have entered the kitchen appliances market to seize market profits; Changhong, Midea and other manufacturers have the biggest movement. In the beginning of July in 2007, Changhong had announced to the public that they would allocate garment steam money to build the annual production capacity of more than 300 million sets, and mainly kitchenware research and develop lampblack pressers, gas stoves, disinfecting kitchenware cabinet, bath warmer and other kitchen and toilet appliances, as well as the whole kitchen accessory products; in September 2007, Midea Household Appliance Group's subordinate kitchen appliances company and bathroom appliances company combined to establish the Integral Kitchen and Toilet Division.

Foreign enterprises begin to enter Chinese kitchenware appliances market because they are in favor of its generous profits. In 2007, Siemens started to build kitchen appliances production base in Nanjing, and the gross investment was expected to be 160 million U.S. dollars. Panasonic and Electrolux also entered Chinese kitchen appliances market with the breakthrough point of integral kitchen appliances; American Kohler appliances, the world's top kitchen appliances brand, also announced they would increase the kitchenware investment in China.

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The Key Technology of Chinese Doors and Windows Hardware Products' Competitive Power

With the diverse development of window form design in residential community, the design of window type also is varied, which gives an opportunity for the diverse development of doors and windows system.

In doors and windows hardware accessories, the static effect coexists with dynamic effect, and they must be satisfied at the same time, which has determined the delicate technique of kitchen utensil and windows. We can see a large number of famous enterprise's doors and windows in many exhibitions, which have pretty look and adopt electrophoresis aluminum, or even fluorocarbon coating aluminum, assembling with colorful and various hollow glass, but the opening is not flexible, also with large shaking, and the allocation is unreasonable. This is the result of ignoring hardware.

So what kind of functions should the real doors and windows garment steam accessories have? In addition to meeting the physical performance and mechanical properties of doors and windows, but some other conditions also should be met as follows: first, convenient operation and isolated control, to achieve various open functions through changing the location of the hand lever; second, the standardization and serialization, which can make quick installation for doors and windows companies and construction companies; third, the scalability; fourth, strong bearing capacity; fifth, high safety; sixth, wide application; seventh, strong applicability and high quality women garments specifications.

In order to ensure high quality doors and windows, high-end doors and windows hardware basically use precision mould and high degree automatic process, the materials are mainly stainless steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and high-quality engineering plastics in the premise of they are in line with the intensity. Some plants use common home decor parts to produce because they are cheap, as a result, after a few months they begin to rust. Moreover, some of them randomly change materials and configuration only for benefit, which has left serious security vulnerabilities for doors and windows.

When high-precision hardware accessories combining with high-precision materials will not always make a good window or door. The combination of high quality hardware accessories and materials needs doors and windows houseware companies to make great efforts to design and make system engineering, and coordinate and cooperate with all relevant aspects, especially the houseware accessories. The quality of doors and windows is determined by a series of assurance system, each process of system engineering must be stressed in producing houseware doors and windows; in particular, the disappreciation on hardware outdoor furniture accessories also must be changed fundamentally.

The difference between China and doors/windows developed countries is narrowing. With the improvement of people's living conditions, the demands for doors and windows will increase toward top grade development. The houseware development space of doors and windows home decor is vast, and people continue to pursue higher style and higher-grade doors and windows, which gives endless imagination for home decors hardware development. Only when we according to the direction of market development, as well as design and develop high quality and high grade hardware can push doors and windows industry to the peaks one after another.

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