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The Brand Advantage Is A Breakthrough for China Cabinet Industry Going Out of Crisis

Recently, the regulation of new policy in real estate market has aroused relevant people's concern in kitchen utensil industry: once the real estate industry slump or even collapse, maybe the cabinet industry will suffer a tragic end. The new policy has carried out for a period of time, and the efficiency of the real estate regulation is obvious, but how is the situation in cabinet industry? Under the influence of the real estate market gradually increasing the adjust-power, in the first half of this year, the construction and decoration materials sales that relate to real estate sales of hundreds of large-scale retail enterprises have sharply declined, the cabinet sales also get into downturn. The most affected areas are mainly economic first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and so on, the rapidly declined trading volume makes the home decor industry difficultly escape the spread, coupled with original fierce competition, it has made a lot of Beijing style cabinet enterprises begin to open a new path and seek opportunities in second and third line cities.

As downstream cabinet industry, no matter how the policy be changed, the demand is rigid. From a long-term point of view, the market space of cabinet industry still has larger potential in the future.

How to get through this difficult time for cabinet industry, Chinese consumers still have not formed brand awareness, what they most value is the product style and whether they are environment-friendly, therefore, manufacturers should make efforts in this aspect. They should adopt advanced technology to transform traditional cookware industry, speed up the pace of adjusting cabinet industry's internal structure, promote industrial upgrading and increase the product added-value. Depending on design innovation and technological innovation to improve the competitiveness of cabinet industry and increasing the proportion of high-end products, which is the only way out.

The competitive advantage of enterprises comes from two aspects: one is the structure positioning advantage, it comes from external resources and may include some policy preferential treatment or protection by government and so on. On the other hand, the competitive advantage comes from the enterprise's inner, that is, to form organizational integrated learning ability through the organic combination of company's internal kitchenware work processes, systems, culture, leadership and so on, which is internal strength enterprises should cultivate seriously, because only such advantage is sustainable competitive advantage. And this integrated coordinating ability in enterprise's inner is the core competitiveness. Moreover, to implement established strategic planning is becoming more difficult in such era with increasingly rapid change, companies must constantly adapt to unpredictable changes in the outside world, have self-adjustment at any time, or have new transformation even while a strategy just has been started shortly and then form new strategic thinking. Modern enterprises have to often convert those strategic positioning based on competitive advantage. On the one outdoor furniture hand, enterprises should seize the opportunity and to obtain the value through making full use of existing strategic advantage, on the other hand, they should see potential opportunities and possibilities, accordingly put these possibilities into the scope of strategy for considering, and prepare for the adjustment of strategic positioning.

Insiders generally think that in 2010, the focus of garment steam industry will be cabinets industrial upgrading, restructuring and strategic shift, as well as responding to national proposal that make major efforts to promote uv lamp saving and emission reduction. With the low-carbon economy has become the most talked words, to foster the popularity of low-pollution products, promote technological innovation and energy saving and emission reduction, and enhance the international competitiveness of the industry will be the central task for Chinese kitchenware industry in this year and quite some time in future. On this basis, how to create competitive advantages through constructing their own kitchenware brands will be a problem that should be resolved urgently for cabinet enterprises.

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Five Ways of China Flooring Industry's Online Shopping Channel Changing Industry Pattern

From the perspective of brand communications, the network is just a channel for information transmission, but it has integrated all traditional medium forms and collected a large number of young consumers; from the perspective of product marketing, the network is a channel that integrates marketing and transmission, it further narrows the distance between transmission and houseware marketing on network media, that is it has fulfilled the integration between brand communications and product marketing. Just because flooring enterprises have seen that the development of network sale has advantages that traditional houseware brand communications can’t compare, so they have developed their sale by sizing the four advantages as follows:

The Internet media has integrated the brand communications and product marketing, which has made the brand's marketing communication activities become more direct and more effective. Therefore, it has increased the cost performance of advertising spending. Flooring enterprises carry out targeted advertising communication in major portal sites and professional home houseware building material websites, adopt intelligent methods to lock target consumer group and make site users who have visited home building material websites in recent time see relevant advertising messages, it has achieved high quality communication effects.

Internet sale has compressed the middle part of traditional marketing, which has shortened the distance between consumers and houseware brands, so the product prices can be further declined. "If we compress the middle part, then sell all products with 50% discount in the situation of same sales volume, my profit is the same", a general manager of an enterprise once said in the chat. This is not to say that flooring companies will start the online price war, however, they will squeeze out the funds the traditional channels have wasted, then become famous home decorsbrands on the internet.

Internet sale has increased choices for consumers. For example, a flooring monopoly store more than 200 square meters can be a large store, the expenditure of inventory, logistics, venue rental, personnel and so on in such large store also is large, but in the internet monopoly store, home decor parts consumers can easily browse all of the floor color, so it has further increased choices for consumers.

Internet sale has further expanded the sales coverage of home decor brands. Where there is Internet, there are our sales terminals. In traditional agency franchise system, some markets are very embarrassing markets for agent, if they had opened monopoly kitchen utensil store, it would have been likely to happen that the revenue can not meet the needs of its expenditure, but if had not, the opportunities would have been occupied by competitors. However, the Internet outdoor furniture sale has resolved this problem and broken through the restriction of regions and terminal quantity.

The development of electronic commerce is changing the solar panel business model of traditional brands, in traditional agency franchise system, the number of terminals is an important part of composing uv lamp enterprise's core competitiveness, but many competitive dealers often own unique local resources, so the development of internet sale will make another piece of cake and then make it bigger, which can change the glassware industry patterns. In future flooring enterprises must maintain the common development of Internet terminal and traditional terminal, and form the complementarity. Make monopoly tattoo machine kits store as an experience distribution center, and comprehensively distribute enterprise's products.

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China Cabinet Market Blowing Low-carbon Wind, and Artificial Stone Will Take Green Fast Train

Now we are in the low-carbon age that the low-carbon economy is developed everywhere and everybody requires low-carbon life. As for Chinese cabinet industry, its low-carbon discharge reduction burden is heavy and the road is long, it has difficult task and mission on its shoulders in the action of protecting global ecological environment, and how to fulfill this responsibility is imminent. The whole kitchenware industry was rushed in the first half of 2010, with the low-carbon wind prevailing, as the main material for cabinet table, all major artificial stone brands are eager for taking the green fast train.

As a new type healthy and green product that accord with the national sustainable kitchenware development strategy, the artificial stone was introduced in domestic market in 1980s. Although Chinese artificial stone industry has a late start, but after more than ten years development artificial stone has become the preferred material for cabinet table and is widely used in the commode in bathroom, windowsill, dining table, commercial table and other indoor places. The industry shows a very satisfactory situation, it has cultivated a huge potential consumer market and leaps into the front ranks of the world in market scale and popularizing rate.

Because of the congenital deficiency (easy bleeding, easy to crack, etc.) features of low-end calcium carbonate plate, it will gradually fade out the market. However, the middle and high-end uv light plates filled with aluminum hydroxide powder will become the main force of the market. An artificial stone is pure aluminum plate (composite acrylic artificial stone), its ten years quality assurance is not empty slogan, and it has truly achieved its survival on the basis of quality and development on the basis of outdoor furniture credibility. The large brand with 13 years development has made Songyuan's path become wider and wider, and it will has more and more garment steam consumers; the clients' compliment is the best honor!

Acrylic artificial stone, as its garment steam advantages of stability, physical properties, ageing resistance and yellowing resistance, it will be used in high-grade decoration.

From the perspective of production technology mode, the mould pressing production will be the major mode of producing artificial stone in the future. The mould pressing production uses on-line lamination process, the table-board can be directly pressed out the water-retaining plate, the material utilization rate up to 99%, no follow-up sanding, water mill and other surface finishing processes and doesn't pollute air, water and dust.

Artificial stone will break through the traditional application areas (currently mainly used for kitchenware and bathroom countertops), and its application prospect is very wide especially in building materials products that make of various special-shaped artificial stone, for example, handicrafts, artificial stone wall, cookware floor tiles, furniture, fabrics, ceiling and so on. It can fully replace natural stone, high-grade ceramic, wood, metal and other decorative materials.

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Three Measures for China Sanitary Hardware Industry to Deal With Foreign Trade Problems

Chinese high-quality and low-charge bathroom products have been much favored by foreign dealers and consumers for a long time, and its export volume increased remarkably. However, with the gradually increased export volume and the deterioration of the international economic situation, more and more countries begin to implement almost harsh houseware technical standards for making trade barriers, which has increased difficulties for China sanitary ware enterprises to develop foreign markets. In the face of this trend, to solve trade protection, what Chinese houseware enterprises should do first is to rely on technological innovation and practise the upgrade of industrial standard. According to experts, products must meet standards is the first thing for breaking through technical barriers to trade, manufactures should establish product control system in order to ensure that the houseware products put on market are in line with standards. At present, under the situation of the export pressure increasing, Chinese sanitary ware enterprises have increasingly attached importance to related international standards, their products quality has substantially improved in accordance with relevant houseware technical standards, which has avoided export disputes caused by standard barriers. With the strength of Chinese sanitary ware enterprises increasing gradually, more and more bathroom products has reached or even exceeded foreign stringent standards. High standard products and reasonable prices will become key factors to break trade barriers, and then win a larger overseas solar water heater market. Under the influence of financial crisis, the demand from major trading partners such as United States, Japan and Europe fell sharply, the international market became shrink.

China is a big home decor exporter of sanitary ware, but its exportation is mainly in the form of OEM, which only can earn meager processing fees. From the perspective of the whole exportation development trend it is extremely unfavorable, for a long time foreign countries use the Chinese cheap labor advantage, which make domestic manufacturers only receive small amount of processing fees and result Chinese foreign trade tend to a simple quantitative expansion, the increase of export value is significantly lower than export volume, the home decors export benefit falls and enter the error that only stress foreign exchange income, but ignore brands creation. Chinese sanitary ware enterprises should pay more attention to the construction and development of self-owned brand in future, develop independent brand and try best to do the publicity and planning. According to characteristics of foreign home decor parts trade enterprise, enterprises should fully understand the market changes, moderately grasp the scale of processing, combine manufacturing products with foreign outdoor furniture brands with creating their own brands, reasonably confirm the ratio of OEM and self-owned brand. They can learn and master the world-famous brand management and glassware technology through OEM, as well as establish reputation in domestic and international markets through their own brands, expand the market share and improve their competition.

In short, with the competence of Chinese solar panel enterprises becoming stronger and stronger, the differences between foreign advanced sanitary enterprises in industrial standard, product quality, production technology and other aspects are getting smaller and smaller. As the international trade competition increasing, the traditional cheap processing exportation way must be adjusted properly under the new situation. Related policies established by China in future will also encourage innovation and guide brand strategy, the foreign trade development mode that rely on cheap labor and sacrificing non-renewable resources and environment will be limited gradually. Chinese garment steam enterprises should take advantage of this crisis to accelerate their adjustment and self-improvement, develop viable development strategies to expand market.

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New Aspect of China Cabinet Industry in 2010

Expert of the kitchenware industry estimate that with the continuous improvement of China's economic, the domestic high-end cabinets market is facing the explosive growth. In recent days, along with the continuous opening of the four furniture exhibitions in South China, the consumer demand for cabinet products begin to take shape.

The domestic high-end consumer demand will release.

The insiders think that what new changes will come out in domestic cabinet market this year, depends on the high-end A-urban consumer kitchenware group. Under the influence of last year's financial crisis, many white-collar and high-income people in large cities are hesitating to spend. But with the current well economic trend, the A-city consumption, which cookware has repressed by the pessimistic economic situation, will be fully released this year, especially for middle and high-end cabinet. It can be estimated that the middle and high-end domestic market will meet an explosive growth.

Challenges accompanied with opportunities from foreign countries.

For overseas cabinet market trend in 2010, many export managers said, as the global economy entering into recovery, most markets are to show a growth more or less, including Europe, United States, ASEAN, Middle East and Eastern Europe. However under the well overall situation, the cabinet markets of the United States, Europe and other developed regions will face great challenges. Mr. Ding zhijun, the overseas uv light marketing manager of a panel-furniture enterprise in Longjiang, said that the U.S. and European trade and technical barriers are raising and the threshold is also getting up, it’s difficult to expand or even maintain for these two markets. He also mentioned, some trade policies from developed countries have kept out the domestic cabinet products step by step like Wood and Wood Products Regulation of European Union, and the latest revised Lacey Act of the United States.

Services are the new gold mine for outdoor furniture enterprises.

The price war is do thrilling to cabinet businesses and consumers, but with today's cabinet products increasingly "homogenize", the cabinet enterprise seems more interested in digging the big gold mine of business services.

Inner value would be the new sight in cupboard stores.

Many principals of kitchenware stores said, in 2010 home store will stress on the guide of consumer concept in order to provide more value services for consumers. The home store of 2010 will introduce more stylish and distinctive non-A-line brands. However the standards of these non-A are not low, they not only stand up with the A-line brands on quality and environmental standards, but also show more prominent style in the design and material.

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